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Educating about Energy

I am an Energy Fellow at the URI Outreach Center. My internship is focused on sustainable energy outreach and education. My team is dedicated to compiling sustainable and renewable energy information and designing education models in which we can convey this information to the public. Our main topics of research are renewable energy generation engineering and operation, sustainable markets, and natural resource economics.

This year, I worked on content design for the Outreach Center’s Spring Home Energy School, a workshop for public residents to learn at-home energy efficiency and conservation. I am also currently working on our summer Renewable Energy School and Fall Home Energy School content and design layout.

Another responsibility of mine is to attend energy events, including conferences such as the Quadrennial Energy Review, a public stakeholder meeting with Senator Jack Reed and US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. During this conference Rhode Islanders discussed New England’s energy infrastructure needs and challenges. Attending this conference was a valuable experience because it provided insight into the actual operation of the energy industry, production, supply chain, and consumer demand, as well as innovative topics such as generation and distribution design and cyber security.

This internship has and continues to provide me with a solid foundation of sustainable energy knowledge, project planning and design, communication in the office space, and getting an overall feel for what I would like to do professionally.


by Josh Watkinson ’16

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Major

Landscape Architecture Minor

May 9th, 2014